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Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for You? Exploring the Benefits of Smile Improvement

Updated: Mar 1

Cosmetic Dentistry- A Process To Improve Your Smile
Cosmetic Dentistry- A Process To Improve Your Smile

There is a myth that a cosmetic dentist only works to make you look better. Instead, it makes your mouth health better in general. As the best cosmetic dentist in Kolkata, we've seen our patients' confidence grow after they've had work done on their teeth. All of these things, along with dental implants, dental bonding, and braces, are used in cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile, oral health, and look.

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you can get a healthy smile

Are you looking for a way to make your smile better? Don't worry; cosmetic dentistry could be the answer for you. The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the way your teeth, gums, or bite look in general. It doesn't check for or fix any problems with your mouth, teeth, or gums.

For many reasons, it's important to have a beautiful smile and good teeth. It makes your smile look better and is good for your health in general. Eminent Research said in 2019 that Teeth Care Multispeciality dentistry Clinic is the best cosmetic dentistry clinic in Kolkata. We can help you get a perfect smile and better oral health in general. You can get the smile you want with the help of the best cosmetic dentists in Kolkata.

Different kinds of cosmetic dentistry

Our skilled dentists at Dr.Chatterjee's Medical And Dental Clinic in Kolkata are known for giving great care and amazing results that look natural. For example, there are a few cosmetic treatments that you can choose from based on your needs:

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns may be the way to improve your smile if your teeth are broken or don't fit together properly. Most of the time, these caps or covers are put over your teeth to make them look better and protect them more. You can also use crowns with implants to fill in the spaces left by lost teeth.

Implants for teeth are made of metal posts that are put under your gums and into your jawbone. A fake tooth or cap is put on top of the implants once they are stable. When teeth are missing or there are holes that make it hard to chew, implants are often used. Before starting the process, we would look at your bones and gums to see how they are doing.

Whiter teeth

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to make your smile look better is to whiten your teeth. Bleach will be used on your teeth by the doctor in the office. By getting your teeth whitened, you can make them look lighter than they are now. Whitening or cleaning your teeth is done by professionals at a dentist's office near you.

Dental veneers are thin shells made to fit your teeth that are made of plastic or porcelain. They cover the front of your teeth. After a small amount of enamel is taken off your tooth, they are attached to the front of your teeth. If you have cracked enamel, twisted teeth, or a space between your teeth, you can see a cosmetic dentist in Kolkata.

When dental bonding is done, a tooth-colored resin is put on the tooth and sealed with a laser or ultraviolet light. This bonds the resin to the tooth. After that, your dentist will cut, shape, and polish it. Bonding can fix teeth that are misshapen, chipped, cracked, or rotten. In addition, it looks much better than mercury or silver fillings.

You can get a smile design at the dentist, which is an artsy way to make your teeth look straighter, whiter, and more beautiful. No matter what kind of shape your teeth are in now, it can do wonders to improve your dental health and looks. Get in touch with the best cosmetic dentist to completely change the look of your smile.

What Are Dental Braces and Invisalign? 

Dental braces and Invisalign are both types of orthodontic treatment, but they are also cosmetic. Because most people who buy clear braces or Invisalign do so to make themselves look better. There are times, though, when braces or clear aligners are medically required.

Dental jewelry is the newest accessory style. We can put the jewel of your choice on the tooth of your choice. This fashion trend lets you show off your uniqueness through your smile, making it look better and more stylish. You can choose between temporary and permanent dental jewelry based on your needs and preferences.

Pros of Cosmetic Dentistry

It might sound like a fluff, but cosmetic dentistry is good for your teeth and overall health. Because of these factors, people of all ages are very interested in cosmetic dental processes such as teeth whitening and Invisalign! Here are some more reasons why you should think about going to the best beauty dentist in Kolkata.

If you've ever wanted to change any part of your smile, a cosmetic dentist can help you do it with a variety of treatments.

Better Oral Health: 

Going to a cosmetic dentist in Kolkata can help you improve your oral health because teeth that are all the same color are easier to clean and floss.

Offers Results That Last: 

If you go to a cosmetic dentist, the work they do on your teeth will last for a while. Some treatments can make your smile look great for ten years without the need for touch-ups.

Makes You Look Younger: 

  • Cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and dental veneers can make your smile better, which is often associated with being young. You look years younger after getting the cosmetic teeth work done.

  • Helps You Feel More strong: If you don't like your smile, it can be hard to feel strong and capable. You might always try to hide or hide your smile, which makes you feel bad about your self-worth.

  • Don't wait, call the cosmetic dentist near you right away. They can help you get a better smile and other benefits as well.

You can get braces in Kolkata at Cosmetic Dentistry in Kolkata. These are also called orthodontic braces or just braces.

They are orthodontic tools that help to straighten and align teeth and place them correctly in relation to a person's bite. They also work to improve tooth health. A lot of the time, they are used to fix problems with the mouth and teeth like underbites, overbites, cross-bites, open bites, deep bites, crooked teeth, and more. Braces can be used for structure. Most of the time, dental braces are used with other orthodontic devices to help widen the mouth or jaws and shape the teeth and jaws in other ways.

How Much Is Cosmetic Dentistry in Kolkata?

A big part of dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. In cosmetic dentistry, any dental work done to make you look better is called "cosmetic dentistry." The best cosmetic dentist in Kolkata works at .Dr.Chatterjee's Medical And Dental Clinic He or she is very good at making your smile look great.

As part of cosmetic dentistry, teeth can be scaled, polished, bleached, put in braces, or given caps. The cost depends on what needs to be done to make the smile better. The price of scaling and cleaning your teeth starts at INR 1,500. Bleaching your teeth starts at INR 6,500. Braces for teeth can cost anywhere from INR 35,000 to INR 1,20,000, based on what kind of material is used. In the same way, a tooth crown costs between INR 2,500 and INR 12,000.

The spread of prices changes because of different things, such as

  • Treatment is needed

  • What was used

  • Brand that was used

  • Things like how bad the case is, etc.

How do you make a smile?

We are always drawn to TV stars with beautiful white smiles, and a lot of people want to get a smile designed to get the right Hollywood or Bollywood smile.

Smile Design improves the shape of a smile through a variety of cosmetic or surgical dental procedures. It changes the color, shape, size, and position of teeth, lips, gums, and the position and color of gums.

A smile design can be done by a lot of dentists in Kolkata. But the cosmetic dentists at Teeth Care Multispeciality Dental Clinic do more than just give you a great smile. They also make sure that your gums and teeth are healthy so that they will work well for years to come.

In Kolkata, who can get a smile design?

People who don't like their smile can get smile design treatment. People usually get smile design for the following main reasons:

  • Broken or chipped teeth

  • Tooth problems

  • Teeth with stains

  • Spots and gaps between teeth

  • Out of place or misaligned teeth

  • Teeth that stick out

  • Cheeky smile

The treatments we offer are low-cost so that every customer can get the smile of their dreams. Our clinic's cosmetic dentist uses cutting-edge software to digitally plan your smile so that it looks great on your face, fits your age, and matches your gender.

How long does it take to do the smile designing process?

Smile creation is a new way to change the way your smile looks. The best cosmetic dentist in Kolkata can help you fix your smile. Just ask about the smile design process when you go there. The process doesn't take long; you can improve your smile in just seven to fourteen days. Most of the time, the smile design process takes seven days. If any planned root canal treatment is needed, it will be over in twelve to fourteen days. The doctors here know how to make your smile look better and redefine it with the least amount of time and money.

The intraoral scanner can be used for many things, such as:

An intraoral camera lets us take an exact picture of the prepared tooth surface. The data can be sent instantly to anywhere in the world and can be used for 3D printing in very little time.

In Kolkata, we do use an intraoral camera to make sure that the crowns and veneers we put on are of the highest quality.

From the best cosmetic dentist in Kolkata, this is the gear that helps you get a clear smile and white teeth.

What is stronger: tooth composite cement or dental crowns that look nice?

Dental decorative crowns are caps that fit over weaker teeth to protect them. Dental composite cement, on the other hand, is a type of dental filling that is used to cover holes in teeth. Both have their own uses, but if you have to pick one, the best cosmetic dentist in Kolkata will tell you to get dental cosmetic crowns.

Dental cosmetic crowns are stronger than composite cement and can see through better than composite cement.

How much does dental surgery cost in Kolkata?

The price of cosmetic dentistry may change from one treatment to the next. People who want to fix uneven teeth, crooked teeth, or gaps between their teeth can choose from Dental Braces, Dental Veneers, Dental Laminates, and Cosmetic Dental Crowns.

So, the price could range from INR 1,500 to INR 85,000, based on the patient's choice of treatment and how bad their cosmetic dental needs are.

Can a general dentist also be a cosmetic dentist?

A cosmetic dentist is a general dentist who has also learned how to do cosmetic work. However, a dentist who has been trained in smile design is usually somewhere between an expert and a cosmetic dentist.

If you get cosmetic dentistry, will it hurt your teeth?

Yes, it is not. There is nothing wrong with cosmetic dental treatment as long as it is done by a skilled cosmetic dentist and the patient follows the dentist's advice to the letter. Still, the person getting cosmetic dental work in Kolkata should talk to the doctor about how to take care of themselves afterward.

It's important to take care of your teeth and follow the dentist's instructions after getting cosmetic dentistry. This includes what kind of food to eat and how often to see the dentist.

What's the difference between a regular dentist and a beauty dentist?

General dentists are trained to do all kinds of dental treatments, such as pulling teeth, putting in dental crowns or bridges, doing root canals, and more. A cosmetic dentist in Kolkata knows how to make people's smiles look better.

How much do laminated teeth cost in Kolkata?

Implants for teeth start at INR 5,000 and can go up to INR 12,000. Prices depend on the brand and type of warranty. Dental veneers cost different amounts for each tooth, and it's best to talk to your dentist about this type of cosmetic dental care.

How much do braces for teeth cost in Kolkata?

The price of braces in Kolkata changes based on the type of braces you need. Metal braces for teeth can cost anywhere from INR 25,000 and up. In Kolkata, ceramic braces start at INR 75,000 and go up from there. Different international brands, such as Invisalign and Straumann, have different prices for transparent dental braces. The Indian brand costs INR 75,000, while the international brand costs INR 3,000,000 to INR 450,000.

How Much Are All-Ceramic Crowns for Cosmetic Teeth in Kolkata?

Cosmetic dental crowns in Kolkata range in price from 9000 to 18000 rupees, based on the brand and the length of the warranty.

How much does Hollywood Smile Designing cost in Kolkata?

Dental Veneers and Cosmetic Dental Crowns are used in Hollywood Smile Design. That's why the price of smile style is based on the price of

What are the newest trends in cosmetic dentistry in Kolkata?

It is possible to get Dental Laminate, Dental Veneers, CAD CAM Dental Crowns, and cosmetic dental crowns like Zirconium Dental Crowns or Metal Free Dental Crowns in Kolkata. They are used for smile design, and the effects show up right away or in a week.

What are the different kinds of cosmetic dental care that you can get in Kolkata?

Dental Braces and Smile Designing are two treatments that can be done in Kolkata to improve the look of your teeth.

Which cosmetic dentist in Kolkata is the best?

Dr. Abhradeep Chatterjee is one of the best cosmetic dentists in Kolkata. He has helped many people improve the way their smiles look by creating new smiles for them.

What does creating smiles have to do with cosmetic dentistry?

With smile creating, the shape of the teeth is improved, and the Golden Ratio is used to make the patient's smile look better.

Does Kolkata have any solution for the problem of Teeth Gap?

A gap between your teeth can be fixed in Kolkata with Smile Designing and Dental Braces.

What can I do to make my cosmetic dental work look better?

If you have gaps between your teeth or teeth that aren't lined up right, Smile designing and Dental Braces can help.

How can I fix my broken tooth and make my cosmetic dental problems better?

Dental Cosmetic Crowns and Composite Tooth Color Restoration can both fix broken teeth forever.

What's the difference between dental laminate and dental crowns that look nice?

Dental Laminate only goes on one surface, but dental crowns go on four surfaces and are much better than dental laminates and dental composite bonding. 

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